Category: Guatemala & El Salvador 2017

  • The road from El Tunco to Leon

    We arrived last night around 9:30PM. 12 hours of travel time which for Melanie was quite cushy in a seat all to herself in the front of an SUV. For the three of us crammed into the back seat with minimal air conditioning and leather seats that were not so great at absorbing leg and […]

  • Delayed by a day

    Here we were all packed up and ready to head down and catch that 830AM shuttle. Breakfast was warmed up in the toaster oven and bags were at the door. A quick check of my emails showed one from the shuttle company…interesting. It turns out that late last night they had the courtesy to send […]

  • And we are off to Nicaragua, in the morning

    And we wrap up another day. We are now set on Leon for our next little adventure. Leon is a bit less laid back than this surf spot, and that will be good for us as we are becoming a little too accustomed to swims whenever we want and lounging, like a cat, all morning […]

  • A rather unexciting day in El Tunco

    We dont surf. Maybe we should try one day, but on some softer waves. These stormy days make for some pretty rough water out there. We woke to sun and rain…and then more rain…and more rain. We found a little place for breakfast. We probably overpaid at $7.50 for the two of us but we […]

  • Antigua to El Tunco

    We can now add El Salvador to our list of countries visited! We aren’t done yet by any means as we have just arrived, but it is now added to the list. Today was again an early start. Up at the shining hour of 6:30 and packed up for the road by 7. An oversized […]

  • Museums, Markets, and a little Antigua Rain

    Eerily quiet this morning. So much that we slept in until the comfortable hour of 7AM, about the same time the housekeeper arrives. All this pampering of having breakfast made and no pressing tasks or agenda items for the day might make friends jealous. After a freshly prepared breakfast of guava and apple, drizzled with […]

  • Fireworks and No Kittens

    There’s nothing like walking up to a faint whiff of gasoline, roosters crowing at daybreak, and of course…fireworks. La Bomba seems to be a way of religious celebration. You might think these explosions to just be a car or rickety scooter backfiring but no. I counted 22 blasts last night around 11PM and another 6 […]

  • Uber me to Antigua por favor!

    Ah, a little reprieve. We have arrived in the bustling little town of Antigua. Finally, streets with sidewalks a person can almost walk along without twisting an ankle…i say almost and I knock on wood just to make sure it stays that way. This morning an Uber arrived promptly at 11AM and whisked us out […]

  • Mucho Trafico Batman!

    We are ready to depart the city. Maybe we can find something quaint, quiet, and cultural in Antigua tomorrow. Guatemala City is fast. It also seems to be full of very fancy malls full of things the average Canadian couldn’t afford. With no blackout curtains and single pane windows, the combination of 5AM traffic and […]

  • Guatemala City and the Blackness

    So we arrived, safe and sound. No delays. A little rain on arrival but nothing spectacular. Its Guatemala City and being as it is the city… we have been warned not to go out after dark. Maybe a few too many handsy citizens looking to acquire other people’s stuff… and we end being other people. […]