Guatemala City and the Blackness

So we arrived, safe and sound. No delays. A little rain on arrival but nothing spectacular. Its Guatemala City and being as it is the city… we have been warned not to go out after dark. Maybe a few too many handsy citizens looking to acquire other people’s stuff… and we end being other people.

So here we are. Exhausted after a 4am wake up call, a couple of short flights and 4 hour layover. It’s starting to sound like we are getting a little soft. I guess consuming an order of quesadillas ready to feed a family of 4 will help add to that softness. Maybe we save the sugar-filled 1.75 litre bottle of Pepsi that came with the quesadilla combo for morning, to round out a healthy start to the day.

And there is the necessary adjustment to our accommodations. It is not a hostel, nor a hotel. Not a campsite, or sheltered spot under a bridge. Airbnb. Clean…sure. Tastefully decorated… I am sure it is someone’s taste.

Why would anyone want a black tub and toilet? Maybe over the years we have just become too accustomed to cleanliness and bleaching products. Black, and grey for that matter, are probably perfect for an Airbnb because your customers just can’t see the dirt. Grime on the tub walls? Just give it a rinse. Streaks in the toilet? You guessed it… disguised… unless you happen to drink the water and emit some technicolor ooze that contrasts with black.

We have two nights here. One to recover from a day of travel. The second to identify where to run to next. Maybe there will be enough leftover quesadilla to feed us tomorrow night too after that sundown curfew.

Note to self. Next time we travel… it will be somewhere we can down vast quantities of midnight tacos from a roadside cart. Of course, a white toilet.

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