Where have we gone?

In previous years we’ve attempted several European cities in all of two weeks.  The first crack at a whirlwind trip included Barcelona, Valencia, Sevilla, Lagos, Lisbon, and Madrid all in 17 days. The following year we did Venice, Rome, La Spezia, Nice, London in a mere 15 days.  Not near enough time to enjoy each city or the sights around the cities either.  Plus we were exhausted at the end of each of these trips which does not make it a vacation at all.

We now make a habit of longer trips to see more of the world at a slower pace…or we try to anyways. Our travel is slowly adding more countries to the ‘been to’ list, and I definitely need to write more about all our stays.

2011 – 11 weeks spent travelling through France, Germany, Austria, Czechia and Italy, much of the detail captured in this blog

2014 – 7 months driving around the US and Canada. So many places and so much research that I didn’t capture any of it in a blog…I really should have though…even in an abbreviated format.

2016 – 2 months in Germany, Poland, Hungary, Macedonia, Greece, Albania, Montenegro, and Croatia…again no blogging…which I really should have been doing more of

2017 – 2 months through Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and into Panama…finally resurrecting this bit of writing…even if much of it might be unexciting.

We know now that Vancouver will remain our home. Retiring to someplace with no sidewalks, erratic traffic, government corruption and undrinkable water will never be a permanent option. Of course we could change our minds again in a few more years.

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