Who is this?

Normally this would be a short descriptor of who the editor/artist is, but for the purposes of this writing…we’ll keep it somewhat anonymous.  Besides, anyone that should be reading this already knows who we are.

The real question is why?  Why write about any of this?  Why are we gone?  Why Europe?  Why everything?  How about leaving that for you to discuss over drinks with people you know.  You can then hate on us, miss us, or just watch the game and forget about us.

And as for criticisms, that’s what the comments are for.  Blog writing is new to both of us, therefore grammar, spelling, context and missed essential details should be expected.  Corrections will be always considered, but not likely implemented… unless grave offence is taken.  If offended, write your local MLA with a sternly worded letter and someone will get back to you in 10-12 weeks.


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