Category: Central America 2017

  • Day #61 Headed Home SJO to DFW to YVR

    3:57AM and we were both awake. 3 minutes later and the alarms started going off. Maybe we might be rested enough to make this a less torturous day than originally anticipated. Our flight was to depart in less than 3 hours, so best to get our things together and out the door ASAP. By 4:50 we were out the door […]

  • Back to Costa Rica and Puerto Viejo

    Must have been an early start for the neighbors in Bocas del Toro today since the music seemed to stop sometime past midnight. Somehow Melanie and I drifted off before then and I only noticed the music was off during a nighttime pee. We slept up until 5:58AM…and two minutes later our wake up alarm […]

  • Last Day in Bocas del Toro

    This is Day #58, and officially our 10th day in Panama and Bocas del Toro. We made it through the night with that thumping music ending sometime around 1AM. It took until 7PM tonight for them to get that boom box fired up again…meaning now we again are bombarded with now a Latin flavoured rap […]

  • Shady Sunday in Bocastown

    Saturday night might be a party night for the tourists that come into town looking for some drunken tomfoolery, but it isn’t just the young hostel goers that get into it. The house next to us seems to celebrate the entire weekend with music thumping all day and all night. First it was dogs barking […]

  • Tour to Zapatillas

    The alarm woke us at 7:30. Opening the curtains showed us that to the west was nothing but rain on the horizon. Probably a good thing we have this upper level “water view” unit to watch for weather on the horizon…now which way is that rain moving? We ate our breakfast and readied ourselves in […]

  • Rainy and Fumigated

    7AM and I was up. Melanie slept until the alarm at 7:30 and at the time i opened the curtains to see what the day had in store for us. Today…a whole lot of grey. Warm, but ominous clouds and barely a hint of sunshine. A tour was not looking like the best of ideas, […]

  • Venturing to Carenero

    Melanie swears the dogs were howling at the moon last night. The dirty fluffball of a dog next door seems to never stop yapping. Howling…I wouldn’t be surprised. I seemed to sleep through that portion of the evening. We arose at 8AM. Breakfast and getting ready was a little slower since we had only to […]

  • Playa Estrella and the Starfish

    I don’t know what the story is with these early rising roosters, but they did get going around 9:30PM last night. Regardless, the sound of our room fan kind of drowned out the voices of our noisy poultry neighbors and we slept soundly until 8AM. During our breakfast of some fancier oats, these ones with […]

  • Playa Bluff to start the day

    Bright and early the roosters had me up and ready for the day. I let Melanie sleep another hour as she probably needed it in anticipation of her big day at the dentist. A few emails responded to and a few news articles kept me occupied until she stirred. Breakfast was the last of the […]

  • Down on Carenero

    Morning again. The roosters got started very early. No car alarms…so overall a kind of restful sleep. The AC in this place seems to be overly moldy, so our only means of cooling off is with the poor water pressure shower with little to no hot water and an overhead fan. A mushy serving of […]