Down on Carenero

Morning again. The roosters got started very early. No car alarms…so overall a kind of restful sleep. The AC in this place seems to be overly moldy, so our only means of cooling off is with the poor water pressure shower with little to no hot water and an overhead fan.

A mushy serving of oats was in order for the one of us missing a tooth. The other happily joined in with their own joyless bowl of what looked like wallpaper paste. Next time we do real oats. Laundry was collected and handed off to the staff for some destinking and we headed off in search of the dentist. The staff here have been very helpful, pointing out the better dentist to go to in town and even making a couple calls to find out when he would be working.

We headed downtown, found the office and found a lady inside who must have been working alone on a patient. She suggested we come back at 1PM…we were not sure if it was for an appointment or to make an appointment…but we would be back. Now more time to kill while waiting for that afternoon revisit.

Across the street were water taxis to the nearby island of Carenero. I had found a hotel right on the water with nice big rooms which was interesting. We could spend all day just relaxing on the deck watching the boats go by. First, we had to check if the place was anything like the photos, therefore a 30 second boat ride was required. We hopped in the first boat available and were sped across the water to Los Balcones. Not a soul around. We snapped some pictures, then started to walk through the place before someone asked what we were doing. We indicated we were looking for a room and were shown a very large, yet dated room. Workable, but maybe we should have a look around the island first. We exited the back of the place to piles of garbage, muddy paths and rough construction. Melanie shot this plan down.

We wandered over to Stay Bocas. A place that looks pretty good in the pictures, but Melanie was wondering just how big the rooms might be. We walked into the place…which was immediately across the street from the airport…and found a nice common area lounge. Signs indicating beer for a dollar and cocktails for a very minor price were very enticing. Included breakfast that consisted of fresh fruit and granola sounded pretty good too. The rooms, very nice…and yes…very small. We thanked the guy and mentioned we would think about it.

The place we are in is not all that sexy. If we could get a few floors up, maybe open a window and enjoy a bit of a view…then this place could work out better. I inquired and apparently we could get moved up a couple floors without paying anything more. Why was that option not put forth to us before. It sounds like we will stay right here for another few nights and soon have a bit of a view.

We made our way over to the dentist office, still 30 minutes early which was just enough time for a beer at Toro Loco across the street. After that beer, Melanie confirmed that tomorrow is tooth fixing day. Depending on how that goes, we might have to add on a couple teeth cleaning appointments as well since they would only cost us $60 each.

Lunch was back down on the main strip, a dock over the water. A guy seated at table next to us was commenting on how after 38 years of construction in Canada, he was glad to now spend the next 4 months in the humid warmth to ease his arthritis. With all the construction next door, he has been spending his afternoons watching the building come together while relaxing with a beer in hand. We had to ask…where in Canada? Vancouver. He apparently sold his house at 7th and Blanca a year ago and moved to Chilliwack. With the money in the bank, he has invested in a trampoline park near Winnipeg and with the rest he vows to never spend another winter up north. Summers yes, but never more snow. With the construction noise ratcheting up we wrapped up the bill and went for a walk. We will likely see him there again tomorrow.

We headed to the north end of town to the Bookstore Bar. Obviously an expat run operation, this too was a quaint little place next to another dive shop. We had a beverage, enjoyed the water view, then walked the streets again in search of dinner. Another day of wandering and eating. Tonight we found Indian food…or kind of Indian. A bit pricey, some different flavours…a welcome change to the norm. I still want to try the dicey looking Chinese place that only seems open for lunch. Maybe tomorrow.

So now we have a short plan for tomorrow. Maybe we can also get to the beach before the dentist.