Rainy and Fumigated

7AM and I was up. Melanie slept until the alarm at 7:30 and at the time i opened the curtains to see what the day had in store for us. Today…a whole lot of grey. Warm, but ominous clouds and barely a hint of sunshine. A tour was not looking like the best of ideas, which is probably also good we didn’t schedule in advance. We checked the weather, hourly forecast. Yesterday the prediction was for sun and scattered cloud all morning and afternoon…today, only clouds and lots of them. Rain in the afternoon.

We called off the day trip. Maybe something a little closer to town when the clouds broke. We waited out the morning after breakfast and completed our accommodation research. The clouds were hanging tough, and now that noon had rolled in with a sprinkling of rain…with much more on the horizon…we set off towards town.

We had noticed a strange haze in the room. More so in the bathroom and bedroom. It was kind of concerning, like the smoke that shows after an electrical fire. We all know the smell of burning wires or tires…and this was neither. The maid was next door, so i had to see the unit and ask if it was just us. All i really got from her was, OK, fumigacion. So no electrical fire, but some sort of fumigation that we shouldn’t be concerned about…even though it was making it hard to see and breathe in our unit? A couple minutes later, Jamie came by to inform us we needed to depart for 1 hour. The fumigation guys needed to spray our unit. Well, it looks like being prepared to depart for the day was a good idea after all. We departed, passing two very large men…one in a tyvek suit with a canister slung over his shoulder, the tip of it smouldering just like I seem to remember from cartoons. I did see a small shelled insect running for cover in the bathroom this morning…maybe he knew what was coming. I squished him to spare him from being gassed.

The sprinkling from the grey clouds overhead continued and we headed to La Pirata for the inexpensive executive lunch for $5. It was tasty a few days ago, the waters edge seating was perfect…service might suck, but that is more of a general statement for most places we have eaten at. We sat down and the rain came. The water was clear and still, other than for the occasional water taxi stirring up a wake to rock the boats tied up nearby. We now had no plans other than to wait out the rain over a few beer. Maybe watch the birds scoop their dinner from the surface of the sea and discuss all the things we have learned from a trip like this. We still have a few days to go, but we only have one night at the San Jose airport that will be new to us.

When the rain slowed, we departed. Back to the room. Hopefully clear of any toxic fumes and habitable. On returning…nope, gassy. For security reasons, the windows in this place all have 1×2 boards screwed down inside the windows as security bars. The only opening to the outside world is the door. We had that wide open and the bathroom fan running full tilt. This is also the first time we have encountered a bathroom fan maybe the entire trip. We figure the typical clientele in this place must be particularly stinky, or the developer thought ventilation might be essential to selling the condos. He hasn’t sold all of them yet…if anyone is interested.

We sat outside and waited out the dissipation of fumes. I guess this means our suitcases are also fumigated…which might be a good thing. No sense bringing home any critters. When finally clear, we headed back into town for some dinner. Again, Indian… or some form of southeast Asian.

Not a lot of report today. The rain quells a lot of adventure, unless we were diving…which we weren’t. Tomorrow should be good…so we will just start again the same way and see where the day takes us.