Category: Central America 2017

  • Bocas del Toro, the mouth of the bull

    Well, those roosters do start early. 3AM, and the only light in the sky is probably from the excessive number of security lights around this place. At 4AM, the roosters were drowned out by a car alarm that would not stop. After 40 minutes, the cops showed up with their horn. A couple blasts of […]

  • Off to Panama

    No construction on Saturdays, which did not explain us rising before the alarm clock went off this morning. There were numerous momentary power outages throughout the night, which the microwave would alert us to with beeps to inform us that powers had happily been restored. We were up and eager to see what was in […]

  • Blue Sky in Puerto Viejo

    We still have the wind here, but this morning we woke to blue sky. Excellent start to the day and a great opportunity for more pictures. At this point though we have already grabbed all the photos we need from this place, so a few more with blue sky might be overkill. We had our […]

  • The grey side of Puerto Viejo

    Construction starts early in these parts, shortly after daybreak. Melanie sleeps with earplugs, so it wasn’t until 7 that she rose. Breakfast was a simpler offering of sugary cereal cut with rolled oats and a dash of milk. Now that we are in the final 2 week stretch of this trip, we are starting to […]

  • Puerto Viejo, the Caribbean side of Costa Rica

    We slept through the night and in the morning Melanie bumped up the AC from 28 degrees to 29. Maybe she was cold. This side is a bit chillier than the Pacific side, so some adjustment might be necessary. We readied ourselves and headed out for breakfast, and to complete the return on that rental […]

  • And On to Puerto Viejo

    Not sure if it was the excessive rain pounding on the roof all night or the excitement of a new day. I didn’t sleep past 5:30 this morning, which was likely going to make this a very long day. I tossed, turned, read a couple news articles just to stay up to date on what […]

  • The Road to Fortuna

    Up at 7 and when checking my phone for the time, there was a message asking if we were OK. I unlocked my phone and there were additional notifications from friends and family sharing a story of a 6.5 earthquake in Costa Rica. I had to do a little googling to see what the story […]

  • Samara comes to an end

    Again, up early. Considering this will be the last day we see Samara for likely a while, we figured we could do all the things again we really enjoyed. We could always mix those activities up a little, but simply find happiness in where we are now. I checked my email. A note was in […]

  • Day Trip to Playa Carrillo

    Another day in Samara. The upper floor room with king bed was a nice treat from the damp ground level unit we were in for the previous 3 nights. After breakfast we confirmed another night with the front desk. This will be the last request for adding nights here. 6 is plenty and we need […]

  • Time for a Room Change

    After 3 nights, it was time for a bit of a change. We slept well until the maintenance guy got to sweeping outside our door and sanding up a couple lounger benches. This was the end of our original 3 night booking and we were really looking forward to moving upstairs to our king size […]