Samara comes to an end

Again, up early. Considering this will be the last day we see Samara for likely a while, we figured we could do all the things again we really enjoyed. We could always mix those activities up a little, but simply find happiness in where we are now.

I checked my email. A note was in there outlining service arrangements for a colleague that had just passed away while on vacation in Maui. Snorkelling was the last activity he was doing prior to passing at the early age of 55. Wayne was always a cheery individual, kind of like a puppy that is always happy to see you. He worked long and hard hours which really garnered my respect. He was always positive, and only recently wanted to start doing more travel of the world. Hawaii isn’t far from home, but a good start for someone that really seemed to prefer working over leisure activities. Unfortunately, we will still be away when the service happens. We will all have to remember him in our own way, and for today…really just enjoy what we have now and where we are.

Breakfast of rice and beans, with a little bacon…delicious considering we could be eating a whole lot less. Coffee, certainly better than no coffee. We gathered a few things after breakfast and went for a walk along the beach. A fairly cloudy day, perfect for the two of us. A chance to talk about all the little things we enjoy. How lucky we are each day to be able to keep doing what we are doing, in all aspects of life. So much of what we are used to on a daily basis we tend to take for granted. We really should reflect more often.

We popped over to Lo Que Hay, the place across the street from our hotel and lunch spot for the last 6 days, and grabbed a couple cocktails and to our surprise shrimp tacos…on special today! A couple hours of sipping on beverages with our toes in the sand…thinking all of this could be gone tomorrow… we just sat back and relaxed. Even the smokers at the next table seemed less annoying than usual. Waiting for the check to arrive, it will get here when it gets here. We paid up and headed back to the room for our suits.

We headed back out to the ocean to play in the waves. Yes the ocean can be a dangerous place. We had no interest in heading out too far, especially with the number of novice surfers out there today. Sunday, combined with a retreating tide at 1PM made for a lot of beginners out there just trying to get on a board in some erratic but small waves. No sense for either of us to take a surfboard in the face, especially right before those holiday photos. 30 minutes of splashing around in shoulder height waves was good for both of us. In to the cold little pool for a more peaceful dip and a nap.

3PM hit and it seemed about the right time to check to see if our favourite Floridian might be beachside with a cocktail. It has worked out that way for the last number of days, so a quick check was in order. If not, I could run an errand or two in advance of our travel day tomorrow before Melanie was ready to join me for happy hour. Sure enough, he was there. I dove right into updating him on the recently departed colleague.

These were discussions we have been having all week. Be grateful for where you are right now because really, it could be a whole lot worse. Life is short. Anything could happen, at any time. Taking the time to enjoy a drink while getting to know new people is something we should all do on a regular basis. So far we have met some very fun and interesting people. Over the next few weeks, we hope to encounter many more.

We said our goodbyes with Tony and traded emails. No tearful departures, just smiles and good wishes. I always figure that goodbyes are never forever…we can always meet again. We parted and Melanie and I headed over for one last ceviche with smashed platano verde chips. Seriously, this would be the last time we go to Gusto Beach. We have eaten a lot here, and now really need something new for dinner…but everything is quite good.

Tonight, the place had a little entertainment. From the place next door you could hear a harmonica squeaking occasionally. As we got closer we understood what was happening. A guy on a mic was singing in a throaty Leonard Cohen kind of smoky voice. He would pair that up with a few notes from sax or harmonica, playing his own remix of cover tunes. These songs were near unrecognizable other than for a few lyrics strung together. Set this guy up against a backdrop of old CDs pasted to a white board and you have the nights Deep Jazz House with Gianpaulo…who really sounded more French than his stage name suggested. We added the rice with shrimp to the back end of the ceviche and wrapped up our meal. Tomorrow I expect a diet of fewer rice and beans. We will see how that goes.

In the morning I will grab the car after breakfast and we will head to La Fortuna. Now I just have to figure out how exactly we are navigating our way there.