Delayed by a day

Here we were all packed up and ready to head down and catch that 830AM shuttle. Breakfast was warmed up in the toaster oven and bags were at the door. A quick check of my emails showed one from the shuttle company…interesting. It turns out that late last night they had the courtesy to send us a note indicating the shuttle was cancelled. Sure they will refund the money paid in the next 48 hours, but really…people run businesses down here and operate like this…and get away with it.

So that left us in a bit of an awkward spot. There was another company departing at 9AM, however to book with them you need to do so the day before and bring your passport along for registration. Would they do a last minute booking? It turns out the company does not open its doors until 10AM, which we didnt find out until later in the day. The drivers dont take cash.

We could attempt the 2 border crossings ourselves with local chicken buses. We could just stay put for a day and try booking tomorrow, assuming there is room. The ramifications are that we find alternate accommodation in El Tunco and eat a night of booking costs in Leon. Not desirable…but workable.

By 11AM we had a plan. New shuttle booked, with reputable company in town (although they do cash only and the cost of the shuttle is $10 more than the competition). Did you know you can change your Airbnb bookings, usually without cancellation fees, as long as you continue with the same host and they have availability? We were able to do two things. The first was to simply adjust the dates…sliding things forward a day, even though today would have been our check in day. The second was to add a day to the booking we were just completing. Airbnb still takes their cut of any additional bookings, but we didnt encounter any further fees.

So now, tomorrow morning, we repeat. Up early. Pupusas reheated in the toaster oven. Packed up and ready to go by 9AM. This time though we should be in a nicer minibus that will escort us through those border crossings with ease.

We might miss the pool here in El Tunco…just a little bit. There are many worse places and situations to be stranded in.