Uber me to Antigua por favor!

Ah, a little reprieve. We have arrived in the bustling little town of Antigua. Finally, streets with sidewalks a person can almost walk along without twisting an ankle…i say almost and I knock on wood just to make sure it stays that way.

This morning an Uber arrived promptly at 11AM and whisked us out of the city. Again, a driver that spoke no english which required a bit of on the fly translating with the phone, but we were able to fill the time with some very basic conversation. We know he lives in Zona 2 in the city. Gasoline is priced in quetzals per gallon. The ride to Antigua is good for him, but it is hard for him to find rides back to the city.

So we made it. A bit of confusion as to where our accommodations were as the place is so new they haven’t been able to update google maps yet. Of course, addresses in this part of the world dont always jive with the web directions, so patience and light luggage to haul over bumpy roads is essential.

After checking in, a bit of really tasty budget curry was needed for lunch. Stuffed to the gills, that then lead to a stroll through the streets and seat on a park bench under what might be considered a banyan tree…or something close to one. We would have got a picture, but far too many street vendors all looking to sell everything from shoe shines and hand woven tapestries to bird seed and hand flutes.
I am thinking we might be doing less walking here, more eating, and grow a few pant sizes in the process. With pasta for dinner and a little poop smeared on the bottom of Melanie’s shoe, we decided the dark streets although safe were to be ventured through tomorrow night…after a few happy hour drinks of course.

Tomorrow, maybe a hike. Definitely a coffee or two. I see ice cream in our near future. And hopefully less poop!hbb