And we are off to Nicaragua, in the morning

And we wrap up another day. We are now set on Leon for our next little adventure. Leon is a bit less laid back than this surf spot, and that will be good for us as we are becoming a little too accustomed to swims whenever we want and lounging, like a cat, all morning and afternoon.

El Tunco

As for today’s adventures, well a morning dip in the pool was a nice cool way to start the day. Toaster oven reheated pupusas for breakfast were a treat in the al fresco dining area, despite the mosquitos and campfire smoke from next door. Since we still didn’t have any coffee, we then popped out to the closest food stand for a coffee and some fried platanos. While enjoying those coffees and waiting for the platanos a couple of surfer dudes made their way back up from the town and washed their boards down. One of those guys was unlucky enough to step on a mossy patch of concrete and smack himself on the ground, breaking his arm. That would sure put a dent in my surfing plans if I were him. Tip for everyone, 1. Wear shoes 2. Stay in a place that costs you more than 8 bucks a night 3. Watch where you are going at all times. I am sure this guy has probably walked over that same stretch of ground 50 times in the last couple weeks obviously without breaking any limbs, but keep your eyes on the ground.

We finished up the fried platanos, ordered a couple fruit smoothies (papaya and pineapple…which would be spectacular with a couple ounces of rum) and wandered around town again. Although it is the same town, and just a different day, it is surprising how much is going on. For a Sunday we were concerned about not finding food. Sure enough the same pupusa lady that has been there every day was also there this morning, starting bright and early at 7:30.

The afternoon, not as lively. Another swim. Research on where we are. Research on where we are going. Happy hour margaritas while watching the sun set. More of the same, which is why it will be good to mix things up. A couple of Canadian gals informed us that the Nicaraguan coast on the Pacific side might be a bit banged up after this last storm, so maybe we look at adjusting our travel plans a little.

We are safe, happy, and we have all of our limbs intact. Next is a 10, or 12, hour shuttle in the morning that should get us out of El Salvador, in and out of Honduras (not much to see on the west side), and all the way into Nicaragua