Category: France 2011

  • Last Entry into Traveller’s Log

    We’re flying out today.  After 71 days away from home, we need a bit of a break from this vacationing thing.  We’ve effectively been gone for 20% of the year, so it’s time to water the plants and check the mail. How does one do such a trip?  You may ask…how can I do that? […]

  • Souvenirs for Men?

    With our trip wrapping up, it’s time for the acquisition of a few souvenirs.  Gifts and souvenirs always stress me out, only because the variety of items offered are usually generic and impersonal making them destined for the dustbin shortly after handover. Certainly this isn’t the case for all souvenirs.  The options for women seem […]

  • Train or Bus from Nice to Cannes? Train!

    Maybe we should have taken the train back.  The ride out this way wasn’t bad. We tried a day trip from Nice to nearby Antibes and Cannes.  Seemed easy enough with the bus terminal nearby and only a one euro fare per person.  Can’t get much simpler.  A couple nights ago we decided to scout […]

  • Shopping for a French Christmas

    Nice is nice. How many times have you heard that?  Even when searching Google Images, or things to do, “Nice” is a very hard search term to get any positive results from.  Add ‘France’ and it gets you a little closer. Nice really is a great stop along the coast.  Neat old town, efficient tram […]

  • The Return of the Puffy Coats

    Melanie was suggesting I take on a fashion blog.  Excuse me, but the hoody and jeans I am wearing don’t exactly make me qualified in the least to offer my opinion as to ‘what’s hot’.  She then asks, ‘How about making one about the random, sometimes stray, cats and dogs we seem to encounter?’.  Still […]

  • Waiter, there’s a spider in my wine!

    The search for the perfect restaurant is not a quest of ours, but dining out for 48 consecutive days and it’s easy to become a bit critical.  The lighting is either too bright, or too dark.  Ambient music is non-existent, or ear shattering top 40 blasting from a distracting 42inch LCD in the corner.  The […]

  • The Size of Your Suitcase

    I was warned before we departed that we are likely taking too much.  Well, with everything packed up again it means we’re about to endure the ear hammering rattle of these Chinese-made roller wheels across cobbles.  Only light and durable luggage from now on.  Big wheels and handles are good.  A colour that says, “Hey…look […]

  • A Series of Moments

    The realization of where you are at a particular moment can be a bit of a shock. To really take it all in and describe the minute details effectively to someone, usually results in the “you just had to be there” response. This isn’t a joke though, and it is those moments strung together, that […]

  • The Kids Are Still Alright

    How the time seems to just keep on slippin’, slippin’ into the future.  Maybe Melanie can break into that for her next karaoke breakout.  Being as we have now been on the road for now 40 days, and 40 nights…40 is just a number and in reality it’s almost a full 6 weeks.  With that […]

  • The Origins of Belly Button Lint

    I was thinking initially this was an underreported issue, but a little further investigation that people have in fact dedicated years of their life into this phenomenon.  It must be relatively recent work, since I don’t remember seeing any descriptors in a university course syllabus specifying navel fluff as a topic to be examined.  This […]