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  • Waiter, there’s a spider in my wine!

    The search for the perfect restaurant is not a quest of ours, but dining out for 48 consecutive days and it’s easy to become a bit critical.  The lighting is either too bright, or too dark.  Ambient music is non-existent, or ear shattering top 40 blasting from a distracting 42inch LCD in the corner.  The […]

  • The Size of Your Suitcase

    I was warned before we departed that we are likely taking too much.  Well, with everything packed up again it means we’re about to endure the ear hammering rattle of these Chinese-made roller wheels across cobbles.  Only light and durable luggage from now on.  Big wheels and handles are good.  A colour that says, “Hey…look […]

  • A Series of Moments

    The realization of where you are at a particular moment can be a bit of a shock. To really take it all in and describe the minute details effectively to someone, usually results in the “you just had to be there” response. This isn’t a joke though, and it is those moments strung together, that […]

  • The Kids Are Still Alright

    How the time seems to just keep on slippin’, slippin’ into the future.  Maybe Melanie can break into that for her next karaoke breakout.  Being as we have now been on the road for now 40 days, and 40 nights…40 is just a number and in reality it’s almost a full 6 weeks.  With that […]

  • How to: Vacation Apartment Rentals

    So you’re thinking of renting an apartment, townhouse, villa, or hut on the beach instead of doing the usual hotel thing for your next vacation.  The question is where to start and how to do it.  I won’t say we’re experts by any means.  We have ventured out of the comfort zone that Expedia, Travelocity […]

  • Snap decisions are always costly

    I started today reflecting on how snap decisions may be some of the best things in life, after all…if it wasn’t for me making a snap decision some 17 years ago, he wouldn’t have the two great kids he now has.  That’s the short version of the story.  As for the longer version…you’ll have to […]

  • Will Vacation for Clean Jeans!

    The days do now seem to all run together, separated only with iPhoto events and this near daily blog. Vienna is great and all, architecture of a very grand scale and detail completely unmatched in any city I have seen to date. A bit of a slow day here. Early to rise, and quick to […]

  • Mozart on the Gong Show?

    So, we all know that Mozart was a child prodigy, composing his first work at 5 or 6 years old.  It wasn’t as if he just suddenly put pen to paper and crafted something amazing.  This was through plenty of parental coaching and teaching.  The amazing part is his soft, mushy brain was able to […]

  • Vienna, where’s the flavour?

    Not really any other way to put it.  The Viennese cuisine, traditionally, appears to lack a certain something.  400 years ago Salzburg was a fortress for the storing of salt.  Time to open the doors and spread a little on the food for flavouring. Tonight’s Viennese meal consisted of Wiener Schnitzel.  Not really knowing what […]

  • Which is more entertaining? Water or electricity?

    Almost an epiphany today. We bussed our way over to Schloss Hellbrunn for an afternoon of checking out local attractions. Sure, another newish palatial residence, only 400 or so years old. Residence is a bit of an overstatement as well since the place was only used as a day house for entertaining. No bedrooms, just […]