Which is more entertaining? Water or electricity?

This will be my next Day Palace

Almost an epiphany today. We bussed our way over to Schloss Hellbrunn for an afternoon of checking out local attractions. Sure, another newish palatial residence, only 400 or so years old. Residence is a bit of an overstatement as well since the place was only used as a day house for entertaining. No bedrooms, just rooms to invite guests to and boast of any rarities recently acquired. A whole room dedicated to big fish. Another for odd birds that had been collected to roam the gardens and now passed on (no taxidermy just yet).

And after the gloating, and much imbibing of the guests, a one man’s waterfight would commence. No piddly little water balloons, or a pre-historic super soaker here. The archbishop that built the place rigged it with water squirts everywhere, that is everywhere but where he would be standing. How much fun is a water fight if all you are doing is watching the mayhem as your guests get soaked from head to foot. Retaliation is where the fun is. I wonder who the first two kids that didn’t respect the rules and ran up behind the archbishop with a pail of water giving the ole Gatorade shower.

For additional entertainment, there were a numerous animated figurines throughout the grounds that were all powered with water. Combinations of water wheels driving geared assemblies, bellows, or simply filling dishes behind the scenes to move characters and objects throughout dioramas. The masterpiece being a 200 moving character performance, complete with automated pipe organ to help cover the gearing and switching, they called the Mechanical Theatre.

So 400 years ago water was the driving force for everything. Travel was most efficient by water. Mills were always running with water wheels. Fountains flowing vast quantities of water over beautifully carved Carrera marble displayed power. Squirting people was fun…and continues to be. Water is the essence of life and continues to be a great source of entertainment. Pushing your buddy in the lake when least suspecting it. Driving through that puddle at hog speed. What can you say for equivalents with this new ‘electricity’ technology?

Sure electricity is an absolute necessity now. Even writing this up on an iPad requires not only a little stored electricity, but the work of more than just a plumber to bring all the components together to make it all work seamlessly. Capacitive touch screen? Yikes! My Apple Genius is likely to know more about Lady Gaga than how repair the screen on this device. We can play with the rault of the power, but we can’t play in the electricity. Electron movement works best, and is appreciated the most when not noticed, or felt.

Water has always, and will continue to be the most entertaining source of power, and I am looking forward to that next lighted water fountain show at the Bellagio just to reaffirm my point. Now who wants to contest fire vs. electricity?

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