Will Vacation for Clean Jeans!

This started out as a pile of dirty jeans…now look!

The days do now seem to all run together, separated only with iPhoto events and this near daily blog. Vienna is great and all, architecture of a very grand scale and detail completely unmatched in any city I have seen to date.

A bit of a slow day here. Early to rise, and quick to book tickets in and out of Prague so as to not get screwed out of last minute tickets again. Of course this creates stress which shouldn’t arise during vacation. I know many people will simply go through that travel agent and have tours set up to truly make those few weeks of vacation an actual vacation…but this at times seems to be just a continuation of a job. Certainly a job many would love to have.

The uncertainty of where we will be in a week or so is exciting. Deadlines always seems to be there though, whether it’s making that train on time, or counting down the number of nights remaining on an apartment rental. It is one thing when only one of us needs a roof over our heads…but two requires a bit more effort to get to our next destination in style, praying for no bugs and a cleanliness that is anything better than what we saw in Paris.

I look at it as a vacation buffer. How many days do we have with no concerns about where we are going, how we are getting there and what is it like. This buffer is quickly eroded with each day focused on heading out and exploring a new and interesting city. Day trips. Trips to the supermarket for those essential grains to fill the belly in the morning. Finding a museum that has some real interest and content, maybe that something that we haven’t seen before.

And now there is the added concern of laundry. How many more clean pairs of undies remain before requiring the washing services of our local neighborhood. We were lucky in Paris to be right next to one. In Germany it took a few days to realize it was a waschsalon we should have been looking for instead of a laundromat…and by the time we found it,we were on our way out of Munich with the procrastinator’s mantra of “I’ll just do it in the next city.”. That next city is here and no laundry to be found in this shmancy part of town. Lots of galleries, restaurants and coffee shops…but no facilities to take that greasy feel out of my jeans. You know, that itchy and heavy feeling you get after a week of wearing the same pair…maybe ten days worth.

Alright, enough of the worry. I need a beer (I mean ‘another beer’) and should just chill the f#%£ out. We’re on vacation dammit. Those pants must be good for one more day.