Good Morning Paris!

Finally, a little sleep.  Those plane rides never make it really conducive to getting quality sleep which put a damper on the two of us staying out late on a Friday night.

We did muscle through though.  3PM arrival at Terminal 3 and an eventual 5PM arrival at our apartment.  6th floor with a nice little view.  The romanticism may be lost on the less than stellar cleanliness we’re used to and the 7 flights of stairs required to navigate whenever returning to the apartment.  I am thinking it might be handy to keep a stash of power bars hidden under that first set of stairs to give us that much needed boost to make it back up here.

Creaky floor, everything with a thin layer of filth, pink toilet paper of the single ply variety.  Who knew there was a market for that?  And if there’s a market for pink TP, how about orange TP?  Blue anyone?  Plus yellow makes green!

It’s early though.  Something like 5AM, which is just early enough to hear the late night bar crowd stumble home singing something vaguely red wine inspired.  We’re fed on a little cereal and coffeed on something instant, and now ready to venture out and check out this fair city in the early hours.

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