Sun, Sitting, and Laundry

No rain last night. Thunderstorms predicted for this morning and afternoon, but those umbrellas I carted around all day were only for shielding Melanie from the sun. We woke to sunshine. Breakfast was a repeat of yesterday. A walk along the beach, now in a different direction and lunch…the same place as a couple days ago.

I understand the different weather will draw retirees down this way. The shops are not that exciting though and the restaurants all seem to be the same. If repetition, and not adventure, is your game then Coco is the place to be. 5 days is definitely a healthy dose of sitting back and watching the world go by, but I really dont think I could just run out my days here. Some repetition is fine, but we now have another day here where we will have to seek out some kind of adventure…something different anyways. Spotting a lonely gringo on the far end of the beach, that definitely did not need further work on his tan, might have been the highlight of our day.

We did have a loose plan with Tim to have him tour us around for a bit today. He offered an hour long run about this morning, but would have to cut it short due to a trip he now had to make to Liberia at 11. We opted to meet up with him in the afternoon when he got back so we were not as time sensitive. He wasn’t back until 4…so that killed any plans of having a personal guide show us about. Maybe tomorrow, since almost everything in this part of the world can always be done manana.

A swim in the pool. A pudding cake and popsicle from the mini mart on the corner. Some catching up on emails and suddenly we were approaching the sunset hour. Down to the beach to try a time lapse movie, then dinner at a place we have already been to only because we knew what we wanted there.

A day of almost nothing to report. Tomorrow is Halloween. We have no costumes. Our bedsheets are paisley, so we could create some fashionable ghost costumes…however the landlord probably wouldn’t be fond of the eye hole cut outs in the center of the sheet. We aren’t that big into costuming anyways, which might make us stick out a little amongst those more permanent residents down here that live for the something different in the same place.

With all this idle time, we should have some clean laundry though. Everyone likes clean shorts.