Strolling Playa Samara

We picked the a room with a bit more space. Unfortunately this more space seems to be a bit damp…maybe moldy. Likely a byproduct of a long wet season and when the 4-5 months of dry kicks any moistness in the air will probably be welcomed. Laundry will need to be done real soon.

Breakfast was prepared for us, along with a bit of coffee. Tipico breakfast again which fills our daily dietary requirements for rice and beans, complimented with eggs and that terrible white toast. We ate until we couldn’t, then went out to walk off some of those carbs. Today, a stroll along the beach to the long end.

A pit stop at the info center directly across the road provided a bit of intel as to where we might want to go and not go. I was interested in making our way to Santa Teresa, all of 97km away from here, and a 3.5 hour drive including a river crossing. This can be accomplished with an expensive shuttle, or 8-12 hour series of bus rides. Thelady behind the counter also mentioned that Samara and the neighbor beach Carrillo were the best beaches in the country and if we like the feel of the community here…there wouldn’t be much sense in making that trek down.

We headed down the beach to snap a few photos and discuss. Where should we go next. How to get there. When do we leave here? We would think about it for the day and decide later. Now, a beach stroll. We headed out and into the sun. The tide was low, and just starting to turn its way back inland. We wandered from puddle to puddle checking out the little fishes and crabs running around inside. At one point, I stepped on some bottom fish buried in the sand and nearly fell over due to the surprise. I didnt get a good look at the creature as I was trying to stay upright and dry while watching it scurry in Melanie’s direction leaving a plume of sand in its wake. The thing was about 6 inches across though, and maybe a little flatter after my encounter.

We continued along the exposed sand. Off in the distance I had seen what looked like a sawhorse in the water…as we got closer, it was a dog…sitting there in the surf with waves lapping at his belly. Odd behaviour for a canine. As we approached, the dog barely moved. Focused on the horizon like he was thinking of some long lost stick the ocean might have taken from him. Soon enough we saw a guy coming back on his surfboard, and as he got closer to shore his best buddy eagerly waited. Definitely mans best friend here.

We continued down to the end of the beach. Snapped a few more pictures and turned back. It had been 2 hours now out in the sun, which is about 1.5 more than we are used to. On our way back, our Floridian friend ran by with a quick wave. We needed to get back, refill our water levels and find some shade. It is beautiful out here, but sun protection and hydration are essential.

We dropped out stuff back at the room and popped over for some of that tasty ceviche. We were looking for something light and beachy, we again ate too much and were slipping into that sun drenched comatose state that almost ate up yesterday afternoon. Think of it as that content state just as you are about to nod off for a nap, but you dont want to let yourself fall asleep just yet. At peace.

A dip in the pool woke us up a little and a stroll around town ate up most of the daylight. We found a place a short walk away that has open mic tonight. Being up early, and no nap this afternoon…plus Melanie likely fighting the cold I had a couple weeks ago…meant no fun for us tonight. Dinner, then in for the night.

We returned to the same restaurant again as at lunch. That is now 3 times in 2 days…which is a pattern we will have to break tomorrow. It is really good though. As we arrived, the Floridian was seated at the same table we had lunch at, and just settling his bill. We sat with him and chatted for a bit before he departed, then ordered ourselves a pizza. We havent had pizza in a few months, so this would actually be a treat. As we finish up, a couple folks from Coco that were out with Tim during Melanie’s karaoke night happened to sit down at the table behind us. We seem to run into people everywhere, and it is no longer surprising.

So now in for the night. Apparently there was a bit too much sun today because for some reason i have sunburnt my chin. Must have been a little light on the sunscreen there. It should make for some creative photo editing over the next few days.

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