One night in Strasbourg

Only one night here and I am already regretting the shortness of our stay. All information suggested we could see the sights in a day or so…and that’s all we booked. No where did it suggest such character or quaintness. You can read this as ‘cuteness’, I just didn’t want to use the word best reserved for new puppies and kittens. Something that evokes emotion and passion, not for anything in particular, but this is the kind of place I could easily disappear to for a few months and really collect myself.

Inexpensive food (compared to Paris), great wine, and full mugs of beer instead of the simple little glasses experienced over the last week. A great mix of french, german and english vocabulary all cohesively blended in the sandwich board signs that line the streets. I always wanted to become fluent in both french and german…this seems like the perfect place to do it.

Not only a cute touristy place, but also a functioning city with a short train ride to Paris, a Virgin Megastore, and your usual homeless guys and shaved head goth punks sitting in the street with their unkempt dogs. Add riverboat tours and you have an interesting combination of Granville Street and Disneyland, all rolled into one.

I am amazed at the number of interesting little bars and restaurants, even discotheques, that fill every nook and cranny of this place. No shop windows suggesting ‘Space for Rent’, as every doorway has a vendor. Only one Subway noted, and no Starbucks or McDonalds, although I am sure with enough searching these could be found for those die-hards that won’t give up on such North American staples.

I can honestly say, I love it. No bitter twisted rant to toss into this post, but it’s early yet, I have no coffee in my system and I have this longing for food only offered downstairs free of charge for the next hour.