Feel the burn in San Juan del Sur

Finally, I have figured out what is making that click, click, click noise that really sounded like someone constantly rapping on a door. Considering it was in Leon that we first heard it, that actually was a lady open palm smacking the door with a ring on her finger to try and get the attention of the inhabitants inside. But then many more times that night…and the next two nights…all night… i thought this lady was just overly helpful or crazy.

The clicking sound persisted, from town to town. I was certain this helpful lady was not following us, so it had to be something else making the noise that was common everywhere in this country. Birds? Bugs? Was it all in my head after too much sun exposure? Geckos were the answer. We have seen these guys stuck to the walls and ceilings of our places for a few weeks now. Now it makes sense. With that revelation, I am now able to sleep at night.

Breakfast this morning was included with the room and for Sunday they do French toast with a large side of fruit. We doused our fried sugary white bread with syrup, savoured the fruit, and downed the weaker coffee for our first meal of the day. We got chatting with a young German couple making the most of their 2 weeks of holidays and found out they were on the same start to their day as ours.

We finished up. Offered them suggestions on how to meet Rambo and relax Laguna-side for a few days, and packed a bottle of water for a hike up to a big Jesus statue. There is not a whole lot of specific things to do here in San Juan del Sur, so by completing this hike we might almost be ready to move on.

We set off through town and along the beach. Not even 10AM and that sun was fierce. No clouds to shelter us from that direct sunlight today. We made our way barefoot through the wet, hard sand and stopped for probably a little too long to grab a time lapse video of 4 guys moving a boat down the beach. After watching for an absurdly long time, we finally passed those boatmen and made our way back to the city streets for the hike up the hill.

This was to be a short trek. Google maps had it pegged at 30 minutes. Relatively flat for the majority of the walk with a 200 meter climb for the last stretch. No problem, we probably did that at the Laguna two days in a row.

This was different. Hot. Sweaty like we haven’t sweated before. Based on the time stamps for our pictures…it took us over an hour. Too much dawdling on the beach. Offering up a few tissues and one of my precious bulldog clips to a girl that sliced her toe open on the beach. Stopping to coax Melanie up the hill. We made it though, paid the gatekeeper 60 cordoba each and made our way into the base of the Jesus statue.

I thought he might have been taller.

We immediately sought shade. Consumed most of our water, and snapped a bunch of pics while enjoying the cooling breeze. After 20 minutes up top, we headed back down. Not a whole lot to report up there other than a viewpoint. Our trek back was much easier, although our legs were starting to feel like jelly by the time we hit sea level again.

Another long, shade free walk. We headed straight back to the room for more water, a rinsing shower, and snack before a late lunch. Hangry and hot is what we were, so smoothies were in order for the afternoon. We stopped in at Simon Says and had a tasty chicken sandwich, watermelon lime smoothie and some peanut butter, chocolate, banana and yogurt blend they called Jesus! Appropriate for the day and the extra sugar was likely needed.

Pool in the afternoon. Nap. Sunset viewing from the top deck in hammock chairs. Dinner at a little stir fry place along with happy hour margaritas. Round out the day with another dip in the pool and now we’re in for the night to soothe our sunburnt bodies. More shade tomorrow.

More sunscreen too.