Czech food is tasty!! Pork Knee?

After our lackluster adventures in German and Austrian cuisine, we have finally found some flavour.  That flavour isn’t in the form of sausages or dollops of mustard either.  We have finally discovered tasty, tasty food.

To eat or not to eat….I say EAT!!

Granted there are heaps of garlic and onion cooked into everything that do add to the flavour.  Unlike my typical lunchtime adventures though that would have Melanie questioning just what I may have ingested over the course of a day to have such rotten breath…she too must partake in the tasty food making us both intolerable to the rest of the non-allium (onion genus) consuming public.  Who cares?

Every foray into a restaurant doorway is to qualify the air quality to check to acceptably low levels of tobacco smoke in the air.  Upon finding a clean, relatively smoke free eatery with interesting decor and prices that don’t have that tourist multiplier…we’ll settle down to try something new and hopefully delectable.  Last night was by far the best, and this morning my belly is still full.  The only pic we have is of the salad, and that is because we just couldn’t wait to dive into the chicken roulade or broad noodle pasta.  And after realizing the semolina pudding we ordered for dessert was really just a bowl of cream o’ wheat…additional pics weren’t really required.

The presentation may not be much…but the food is oh so very tasty…

So that was last night.  Over the last few days the meals may not have looked all that appetizing, but wow…tastebud rollercoaster.  I haven’t been a typical sauerkraut fan.  Sure I might try it occasionally on a hotdog at a hockey game just to reaquaint myself with it’s vinegary crunch, but now I must say the Czech sauerkraut is an absolute win for me.  Heap it onto everything!  I would eat it for breakfast.  An essential condiment for maybe even pizza…OK, maybe not pizza…but you get the drift.  I actually checked out a recipe for Czech sauerkraut just to not only recommend it…but maybe I’ll even try whipping a little of this up at home.

The street food looks great as well, and today will be the day for testing the pork on a spit…slowly cooked over a mobile wood-fueled campfire.  Research suggests that this is ‘Old Prague Ham’ and based on the number of patrons clustered around free-standing tables with hunks of this meat on buns and beer or mulled wine in hand…it is definitely worth attempting.

If the translation isn't sufficient, these Ikea-inspired instructions are available to assemble your meal

Yesterday we tried the crepe booth right next to this Prague ham setup.  The surly service, overpriced, and unappetizing product explained the lack of business.  They were more people clustered around the fried cheese sandwich booth, and we know it’s not for a lack of acceptance of French cuisine due to the number of quiche-serving bakeries nearby.

Finally, there is pork-knee.  Maybe with a little coaching from one of my fried chicken-foot loving friends I could get a minor education in both what to expect from ordering a meal centered around the leg joint of one of my childhood pets, but I just can’t quite go there on my own.  I’ll remember this pic though as a signal of what to look for during that next Prague visit.

2 responses to “Czech food is tasty!! Pork Knee?”

  1. The highlight of today’s blog is the “to eat or not to eat” picture! Your contemplative expression is priceless, even though I realize that it is obviously staged. I start my day smiling, thank you!