Category: Costa Rica

  • Sun, Sitting, and Laundry

    No rain last night. Thunderstorms predicted for this morning and afternoon, but those umbrellas I carted around all day were only for shielding Melanie from the sun. We woke to sunshine. Breakfast was a repeat of yesterday. A walk along the beach, now in a different direction and lunch…the same place as a couple days […]

  • A Quiet Day in Playa Del Coco

    Rain for most of the night. Heavy rain for the morning and by 11 the sky had broke to let some sun shine through. Gutters alongside the sides of the streets were flooded and the rental cars almost squeaky clean. We had a simple breakfast in, with our non-coagulated milk, and waited out the downpour. […]

  • Day One in Coco

    Cereal for breakfast. Sure it doesn’t sound like much in the way of excitement, but considering our morning diet for the last few years has consisted of either bran flakes or oatmeal for breakfast…we really were looking forward to something simple. A month now of dining out for breakfast has now been put on pause […]