A Louvre-ly day

Forgive the really poor play on words.  Fatigue is already settling in and yesterday was definitely a quieter day as we needed a little rest and relaxation.  This blogging thing on a daily basis requires some serious writing creativity that has remained dormant for far too long. Repetition and poor grammar I will continue to blame on the increased use of shorthand in texting and an attention span slightly longer than the jump one of the big black nocturnal bugs inhabiting our kitchen.  To quantify the size of that jump, we’re only talking a couple inches, but could also be measured by the volume of Melanie’s squeals while trying to squish them with a shoe or wadded up piece of that dreaded pink TP.

Back at it all today though…a good 8hr go of wandering the streets, riding sweaty subways, and consuming overpriced museum food served with a free side of attitude and slowness.

I now know I am not a paintings, tapestries or coin appreciator.  Coins should be right up my alley, but they bore the hell out of me.  The Louvre, along with great museums like the Met, have great collections of pretty much everything.  Those of you not keen on ‘art’ as a whole, or antiquities, need to revisit the whole idea only because there is that appreciation in all of us.  Deep down you too can find that you might have a fascination with miniature ceramic painted buttons worn by Norman peasantry, or maybe it’s mouse heads moulded from clay only found along the banks of some riverbed that has long since been developed into an Arabian super mall.  Melanie and I never really discussed our preferences and just happen to both be fascinated by statue and sculpture, ancient timepieces and glassware, glazed tile work and very specific bits of pottery.  I wonder if eHarmony has a matchmaking attribute related to just that.

Yes, we did a very quick visit by the Mona Lisa.  Reminded me of the mosh pits of a few decades ago, only there was no sway of the crowd and lighters were replaced with digital cameras all with their LCD screens lit up.  One guy we stood next to had a full size set of binoculars used for spotting birds a mile away.  He just hung out about 100ft back and admired through his viewing  apparatus.  You figure he can make out the detail alright, but it just makes me think he is probably the same guy that sits in the window across the street from you looking for that crack in the bedroom blinds.

Alright, last day now near complete as we prepare for travels out of Paris and to places with less hot stickiness.  Train tickets purchased and picked up, hotel confirmed, and we’re off to Strasbourg for a one night stopover on our way to Munich.  If you are wondering…Oktoberfest is over, and confirmed by passing a young bleary eyed guy wandering through the Louvre with a commemorative Munchen 2011 t-shirt on.  Apartment rental rates are also now half of what they were last week.

Au revoir Paris.  Yes, yet to see are the Rodin and Dali museums, the city from the Printemps rooftop cafe, Versailles, maybe a show or two.  Until the re-seeing.