A few days in Leon

We are wrapping up our days here in Leon. Here we have a city of about 200k people, so not a vast number. A decent size to host the occasional spontaneous gathering. A large Central Park for vendors to gather and pitch their wares to gringos wandering through the square. A few banks, big grocery store downtown and a pile of hostels all littering the nearby cit blocks. This is an old colonial city that dates back further than the origins of Canada. It is also a place ravaged by earthquakes and wars over the years, but still stands strong due to some very robust construction.

Our activities here have not been extensive. We like to wander with very little of a plan. Food is essential, so we need to find some form of sustenance. Beer and a place to cool down also is necessary. Ice cream…well we have been surrounded by vendors, yet have been able to resist the urge. Manana…manana. Sorry, i dont have the accents on this computer to make that a true manyana.

We have wandered through a few of the probably too many churches here. We have had beverages, dinner and lunch on the square. Today we spent a few sweaty hours in a gallery looking at a private collection of sculptures and paintings. We waited out a rainstorm over beers with a guy from Whistler that moved down here 15 years ago. We ate street food with 3 lonely travellers from Dawson Creek, Chicago and Amsterdam. Besides eating and wandering the city…what more did we really need to do? Yes there are volcano boarding trips and 2 day volcano hikes, but we are here to get a sampling of what Leon has to offer.

We have now done that. Tomorrow, we will make the easy trek out to the sleepier Las Penitas. Three nights of more relaxing and that should prepare us for some more city adventures.