The plane ride…

Rocky Mountains in BCAlright, first entry into blogdom…or boredom.  As the reader you are to decide.

Finally en route to Paris via Air Transat.  After a mechanical delay mid-air  departing YVR (requiring a reroute back to Vancouver for a maintenance guy to fix what was likely a loose wire, faulty switch, or simply turing the power on)…here I write.

It was supposed to be on the mean streets of Paris with a croissant in hand.  Maybe a latte or some other very French sounding coffee beverage we North Americans have been educated by Starbucks loving.  But no, mid air with cheap champagne and bad wine amongst a bunch of deodorant-hating Frenchies all bound for their homeland.

Oh yeah, we have yet another delay in getting us to our first destination.  This time it must be union driven because we ‘must’ do a crew change in Montreal to keep the maximum crew work day to 14hrs or less.  That minor mechanical delay, plus Calgary pickup requires us to swing through Montreal for yet another quick 45minute stop to change our crew.  Any chance we could also change out the stinky guy in front of us?

Who exactly makes the call to divert the plane for another 6hrs of flying time for a crew change?  Crew for another two hours on the payroll vs. fuel and operating hours?  C’mon.  What about a crew change in Calgary if it was going to be an issue?  How about flying back to Vancouver to pick up a different crew…assembled from the dregs of hungover attendants looking for some way to shake off their minimum workday.

Now I am just ranting.  I have a cold wet nap now delivered to ease my suffering.  The cleansing element in it does alleviate some of the BO.  Maybe that’s a good thing.

Any suggestions on how to get Melanie to consume free italian sparkling wine?  It looks fancy, but she’s hung up on the australian grape swill that has it’s own glass integrated into the cap?  Who was the brilliant inventor that came up with that idea?  Drinking alone…no glass?  Capfuls of wine just not enough to quell your loneliness?  Lets give you a full sized glass to consume your drink.  More time to focus on your tears of loneliness.

Turbulence…plus bad movie.  Must start watching reese witherspoon on non-personal inflight entertainment.