Free Louvre Sunday?

That pic of the church outside our kitchen window completely eliminates the need for an alarm clock, especially a snooze option.  At now 10:15am we are reminded of how non-churchy we are.

No hangover though.  Sure we could have partaken in a bottle or two of wine amongst the masses at the base of the Tour d’Eiffel, and stumbled back to a hot and sweaty train to ride back to the burbs, but no…not last night.  A little quiche on the grass just as the sparkly lights came on is all we needed.  If I am to get more ornery in my comments here I will require a beer or two.

So it’s free Sunday at the Louvre.  Do we go and brave the hoards…or wait until tomorrow?  After yesterday’s craziness around Notre Dame, it seems like many of these attractions (sorry if it sounds a little like disneyland) are just too overwhelmed by tourists on the weekends.  That’s the great thing about our little neighborhood…out of the way.  Almost no tourists, no vendors hawking Je T'<3 Paris, no trinket Eiffel Towers to light up your bedroom during a dance party, or attach to your keychain making you regret the next time you sit down with keys in your front pocket.  All just a short 30 minute walk from the Seine.

It’s that walk that hurts today.  Metro only from here on out as our knees and feet need a few days of toughening up before heading out of here.  Sure it’s only Sunday and we have another four days of touring around, but it sounds as if Monday night will now be dinner with friends that also just happen to be in town.