Poll Question: Where to Next?

The answer must be out there...somewhere amongst the waves...

As you see from the last poll, we took your comments into consideration quickly passed through Naples and researched those ‘M’ islands only to settle in Amalfi.  It kind of has an ‘M’ flavour to it without the complications of ferry or air travel.

Yeah, these are tough decisions and as you may have noticed we really are planning week to week.  The easy part is the number of travel options when on this side of the water.  The tough part is deciding on a destination we both want to go to, then arranging both travel and accommodation at a price that makes sense.  This isn’t lotto money we’re spending after all, call it pre-spending of retirement dollars.

Your suggestions do mean something to us, and are reviewed since we don’t have any TV or phone calls to distract us from our goings on.  Click an option, comment as you will…this forum is wide open.

Colin and Hanna, we still haven’t heard a good argument for venturing into the cold reaches of Northern Europe just yet.  The promise of sweets and good company hasn’t swung us that way just yet… but when the karaoke runs out that may be what we turn to.

One thought on “Poll Question: Where to Next?

  1. ronvanstreun

    Is the skiing on yet in the Alps? (Cypress just opened here yesterday!) In any case; this was a most difficult decision to make and I’m delightfully curious where you’ll end up next!

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