Last Day of Beachiness, for a while

It really is nice to wake up to paving crews outside your window. This little piece of paradise seems to be interrupted regularly with chicken buses honking as they drive by and now a series of vehicles that clean and tar the road, then individuals that dump some fine crushed gravel on top. This road appeared to be perfectly fine, but for some reason Sunday morning is what they consider to be a good time to start up with resurfacing.

The club music at the hostels went late into the night. The mosquitos clever enough to find their way through the cracks near the floor woke s a few times, probably after sampling some of our precious Canadian seasoned blood. Now the paving crews. All of this builds up to the need for an afternoon nap.

Breakfast was the same as yesterday. Banana loaf, fruit salad, and a stiff cup of local coffee. We had the option of something different, but in his case…same worked for us. I like to mix things up regularly but in these situations where everything is new, everyday, a little sameness doesn’t hurt.

Another stroll along the beach in search of a lunch. Cutting that short after getting drenched in the awesome and random surf. We found a nice little patio filled with people that likely all live within a half hour drive of here, and enjoyed a cocktail and simple lunch. Tripadvisor doesn’t lie, average food can be found everywhere and certainly that was the case here too. The slow service was welcome though as we got to sit and enjoy watching the waves for good 2 hours in the comfort of a little shade.

The afternoon was not as exciting. Laundry day just to escape the sun and by 4 we were ready for another stroll down the beach. It may sound a little repetitive, but every day if a person has the opportunity to walk the beach at sunset…they should! The sky is always different. Any people on the beach are completely at peace. The last two nights we encountered a drum circle that lasts until the sun goes down. Not our style, but for those that need t beat skinned instruments to relax…it is an option.

We stopped by another busy restaurant on the corner by our place. Easy is what we were looking for. A margarita, a quarter bottle of rum, two hefty meals and a big bottle of water are what is fueling this blog entry now. We head out to Granada in the morning, so we wanted to enjoy a little while we could, and w knew the place took a credit card.

So now, in for the night. Shuttle is booked and should be here at 8:15 tomorrow to escort us into Leon, then off to Granada. We should sleep well, unless the paving crews start up again early, or chicken buses are overly honky.