Las Penitas (that is pen-yitas)

Night #1 in our palapa thatched ivory tower and i think we made it through the night without bug bites. Despite the screens on the windows, there are holes ou could put a whole hand through where this thatched roofing meets the concrete walls. The screens on the windows are really just window dressing. So far so good though.

A breakfast of some real coffee, a thick slice of banana bread, fresh fruit and a watermelon OJ smoothie…al fresco…served up by our Spanish hostess. Apparently she came over from Spain with her husband a few years ago, bought this chunk of land and started building. A project in their minds, and after a few more years plus installation of a pool, they will assess where they are in life and decide if they want to stay…or move on to the next project. This is a nice spot in the world, but damn it is hot…and in a few more months it will get another 5-10 degrees hotter and drier stretching until June. Back home January and February are going to feel damp, dark, and cold which might make the extreme heat here something to look forward to.

After breakfast, a sun baked stroll along another beach. We made it half way along this massive vacant beach before having to turn off and find some shade. Hats and parasols (umbrellas) just were not enough and as it is our calves are a little pink. We found a little place for a beer and some interesting appetizers. The tiniest quesadilla you have probably seen (not picture worthy) and a pile of beans surrounded by ripple plantain chips. Not a spectacular meal, but it gave us a little shade.

An afternoon with a nap, then a late afternoon stroll along the beach to watch the sun set. Pictures, and more pictures. When the sun went down we found a little restaurant serving very tasty skewers of meat. Can’t go wrong with meat on a stick, especially when roasted with pineapple. Super tasty, and excellent alternative to our lunch offering with the only drawback being the swarm of bugs biting our legs while waiting for the meal. By the end of this trip Melanie will likely have been bitten so many times her body might develop its own repellent.

We meandered back along the poorly lit road. We watched the fireflies, dodged a lonely car or motorcycle travelling down the center of the road, and avoided debris and holes that make up the sidewalks here. Now we are in for the night, listening to the hostels pump their Saturday night music against the backdrop of waves crashing in the near distance.