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  • 3 Parties, 2 Christmases and a Funeral

    We could have missed so much if blackout dates when booking a return flight home on points.  Of course with that, we would likely be spending New Year’s Eve just with ourselves…and what fun is that? It was a welcome return to Vancouver, starting with a work Christmas party that I had to ask if […]

  • 2011 in review

    Ah…  It seems as if they want me to feel good about the little traffic I have received for the whole year, even though it’s only been a few months of writing.  Below they have compiled pics, stats, and some generalized 2011 annual report which I will not take any credit for. Thanks to the […]

  • Vancouver, a little place we call home

    Well we’ve been back 7 days.  No I am not about to start a blog about resumption of our daily happenings here in Vancouver, but I do need to do a little writing of some sort.  Besides, blog traffic has dropped to only visitors stumbling upon the site while searching for puffy coats or belly […]