Category: Italy 2011

  • Lounge Music for an Italian Halloween

    Well, it’s not as we’re used to.  No adult costumes, not even teenagers.  No pranking, no fireworks…one might say it’s almost civilized with only the little ones dressed up for the evening.  It seems like such a ripe time for throngs of boys in those maturing years to put on a mask and tear up […]

  • The Art of the Promenade

    This forced downtime isn’t all bad.  The solitude has allowed us to put together a plan for the next few weeks, fill our bellies with greasy eggs and muesli, and identify suitable day excursions that aren’t taxing to body or wallet.  Yesterday wasn’t an exhaustive effort by any means.  A 16:30 departure into Sorrento for […]

  • Planning the Sorrentina Escape

    Well, this is different.  I feel as if I should be plotting my way out of this resort. After 4 weeks of shuffling from city to city, bustling action and the freedoms typical of vacationing, we are now settled for the next 6 nights in an old quarry.  This isn’t your usually quarry though, in […]