Category: Italy 2011

  • The Size of Your Suitcase

    I was warned before we departed that we are likely taking too much.  Well, with everything packed up again it means we’re about to endure the ear hammering rattle of these Chinese-made roller wheels across cobbles.  Only light and durable luggage from now on.  Big wheels and handles are good.  A colour that says, “Hey…look […]

  • Thousands of Stone Steps in Campania

    This morning’s coffee is being savored, as it means we are in no rush to get out of the house for another day trip to a cute little town along the Amalfi coast. A day of semi-relaxation planned, which will include less than 500 stairs to climb up or down and maybe a little time […]

  • Poll Question: Where to Next?

    As you see from the last poll, we took your comments into consideration quickly passed through Naples and researched those ‘M’ islands only to settle in Amalfi.  It kind of has an ‘M’ flavour to it without the complications of ferry or air travel. Yeah, these are tough decisions and as you may have noticed […]

  • In Italy, Take the Bus!

    Italian driving.  Should be enough said right there. Our last experience in Rome was a bit of an eye opener with fast cars, clusters of darting vehicles at roundabouts generally all pointed in the same rotational direction, and pedestrians navigating between the moving cars.  You don’t see too many crosswalks going to the center of […]

  • A Series of Moments

    The realization of where you are at a particular moment can be a bit of a shock. To really take it all in and describe the minute details effectively to someone, usually results in the “you just had to be there” response. This isn’t a joke though, and it is those moments strung together, that […]

  • The Kids Are Still Alright

    How the time seems to just keep on slippin’, slippin’ into the future.  Maybe Melanie can break into that for her next karaoke breakout.  Being as we have now been on the road for now 40 days, and 40 nights…40 is just a number and in reality it’s almost a full 6 weeks.  With that […]

  • Storm’s A Brewin’

    A rainy day here in Pogerola.  The storm isn’t so much ‘brewing’ as it is more fully underway.  Thunder and lightning rain down on us while the stairways that lead out of this mountain hideaway have been converted from passable walkways into impressive water features.  They said a storm was a-coming…but this was something else. […]

  • Relax, listen to the ocean

    This is a bit of a test for embedding video, plus it’s a 90 second piece of uninterrupted by scooters with no muffler or Italians discussing the weather.  Warning!! This clip could put you to sleep if on an endless replay. A snapshot of our wanderings today, from a beach and waterfront normally overrun with […]

  • The Decade the Music Died

    We all have an mp3 player now. We’re all hooked up to music libraries that can pull any song in a heartbeat. Everyone seems to be plugged into their own little worlds, and when it comes to getting together with people, maybe even just one, the muzak that now fills a place is now the […]

  • Ruins and the Dream

    Ruins, or ruined? Generally referred to as ‘scavi’ the ruins of five little towns around the base of Vesuvius are by far one of the most visited tourist sites in Italy. Local government also had the foresight to place a train station within a 5 minute walk of the original Pompeii remnants to make it […]