Another hike down to the Laguna

We slept last night to the sounds of critters in the trees all chirping and buzzing in the darkness. Fireflies just outside our window sparkle in the night and frogs croak in the bushes. We slept well.

This morning our hosts made us up a bacon and egg breakfast bagel. Not the best we have had, but they try to make as many homey meals as they can to enjoy what they grew up with while working with what is available. Bagel shops aren’t that prevalent down here in these parts. Eggs and cheese are aplenty.

We reserved this day for just figuring out what we might do next. We could stay in Granada for another night and do a private kayak tour of the isletas in Lago Nicaragua… or we could move on to San Juan del Sur. Neither of us were too impressed at the accommodation options for one night back in Granada and the murkiness of the lake wasn’t all that appealing. Kayaking is not listed as either of our strengths. 3-4 hours of silently paddling around in the sunshine while looking at monkey butts and pretty birds would just have to wait for our next trip down this way.

We secured a decent deal on a shuttle departing tomorrow. Accommodation also arranged, with prices slowly rising as we approach the weekend and the Costa Rican border. We hear prices will jump on us when we cross the line, so this will be a warm up. With a travel plan in place, we had a couple chicken sandwiches whipped up for us and we headed down to the Laguna. We are here, it is hot, so we might just as well. Rambo was waiting patiently at the door for us, so we had to go.

Another spray down with some bug repellent, and adding all the supplies we didnt bring yesterday, we set off. Rambo in the lead made sure the path was clear, including harassment of a horse to move out of our path. Thanks buddy, but we are fine around horses. We made our way to the abandoned clubhouse and down the washed out trail to fend off mosquitos, spider webs, and that darned tree that blocked the path. Two bites and we were clear, at the water. Not bad at all. Today the weather was a whole lot like yesterday with a lot of both high and low cloud moving in opposite directions, every once in a while exposing a little blue sky and direct sun.

We spent three hours down at the water today. Warm and inviting. It seemed we were the only ones there again…and we were surprised when suddenly a guy emerged from around a bend at the shoreline with a couple dogs. Holas were exchanged and our guide needed a little reigning in as the dogs passed. Rambo seems to be a little protective of new friends. It’s good to know someone is looking out for us. A while later 5 gaunt cows were herded down to the water for a drink while their herdsman went for a swim. Not complete solitude, but good enough for us.

We made our way back up the trail instead of the mossy, slippery drive. A few pics at the clubhouse while we caught our breath, then the final march to the top of the crater and our bed for the night. Dinner was a roasted pork loin with a smattering of coconut oil roasted carrots, cheesy potatoes, and some sliced veggies. With all that swimming and full bellies, we were glad our hosts were ready to turn in for the night at 8:30.

The fireflies aren’t as abundant tonight. They might have been scared off by the dump of rain that passed through this evening. The jungle noises do persist though and are making me very, very sleepy.