And we depart for the beach

3AM and we wake up not to a noise, but a lack thereof. Warm, sticky blackness. The over bed fan isn’t on. There is no faint glow of lights through the frosted windows…just dark, hot stillness. The power was out. Not sure why, but with torrential rains and nearby lightening strikes maybe the power was destined to go out.

We slept on an off, but that shower before bed to remove some of the sunscreen from our bodies was now replaced with oily salt. 6AM, church bells, but no power. 7AM, alarm clocks are going off for the Norwegian gals to get their act together enough to go to school. 7:30 we stop trying and get up. Cold instant coffee was poured and just as I sit down to enjoy the silence…the fan powers up. We might have power, but we need to have yet another shower and try to dry off with funny smelling damp towels. Funny, not in a good way.

We popped out for breakfast at a little French bakery around the corner. Instead of ordering a couple of breakfasts and a couple sides…we got almost 4 breakfasts…which is a lot o breakfast for anyone. All very tasty, we powered back that pile of food and added a quiche and couple pan de chocolats to go…for lunch of course. Total bill, about 17 dollars CAD.

Another trip to the bank for more cash, in the event we need it, grocery store for a few nut snacks, and we were off to Las Penitas. 3 nights almost on the beach in a community with not much going on other than a few expats looking to create that little piece of paradise amongst the hostels littering both sides of the road.

Much easier travel this time. A cab took us for about $11CAD (250 cordobas) and dropped us at the door. This was only a 30 minute drive, but here was a guy that could talk. Talk and talk, and even if we said over an over that we didnt understand…that didnt stop him. We were able to decipher a few key items like 1. He was going to learn english 2. The series of side streets we were taking was much faster because there were fewer traffic lights (somehow i knew the word for traffic light). 3. Chancho con yuca is one of his favourite meals and we have to try it. 4. If we like ceviche, we should get some with huevos del toro, because it will make us strong.

Now many of us know huevos are eggs. I could have sworn that toro was a bull, but i wanted to check the translation in case a second r might be in toro that meant something else. Nope, still bull. Could he be referring to testiculos del toro? I asked, and yep…prairie oysters is what he was getting at. Rocky Mountain Oysters for those of you not familiar with the prairie variety. We actually popped into a ceviche place yesterday, and walked out because the prices were crazy high…but I think I need to have a look specifically for this Nicaraguan delicacy.

We made it to our now pretty fancy digs compared to the last few places. Check out We will borrow the bikes and explore a little more tomorrow after spending most of the afternoon strolling these almost black beaches with hats and parasols. Harsh sun conditions for anyone, but beautiful. Tonight we have power, screens on the windows to keep the bugs out, a mosquito net around the bed…and a fan overhead in case the ocean breeze isn’t enough to keep us cool.

I think i forgot to mention the fireflies…