Month: November 2017

  • Pura Vida in Samara

    Samara is growing on us. This is a very low key place without the pushy sales guys on each corner trying to lure people in. No waiters pitching fresh fish and cheap cocktails to come dine in their establishment. Everything kind of at your own slow pace. When breakfast is offered between a well defined […]

  • Strolling Playa Samara

    We picked the a room with a bit more space. Unfortunately this more space seems to be a bit damp…maybe moldy. Likely a byproduct of a long wet season and when the 4-5 months of dry kicks any moistness in the air will probably be welcomed. Laundry will need to be done real soon. Breakfast […]

  • Off to Samara

    6AM and construction was underway. At the “In the Shade Hotel” they are currently adding on another few rooms directly across from our room. These guys don’t work on the weekends, or even Mondays, considering we were able to sleep until 8AM undisturbed for those days. Tuesday’s though must be different. Our simple breakfast and […]

  • A stroll to Langosta

    Last night we picked up a few breakfast items to feast on from the comforts of our room before venturing out in the heat. The cereal here seems to be overly sugary and mixing it down with a bag of plain old rolled oats was perfect. Add to that a banana with a side of […]

  • The heat in Tamarindo

    This is a quieter spot we are in, away from the noise and parties of the main strip. We are in a little place called In The Shade and it is a rather new building. It sounds like we are doing pretty good since that English-Hungarian couple experienced what they thought might be bedbugs in […]

  • Off to Tamarindo

    8:30 by the time we made our way to breakfast. This time loading up on a bit of granola in addition to the fruit and Tica tipico breakfast. Stuffed to the gills, we did our final packing and bid adieu to our Swiss friends that were making an earlier start to the beach today. At […]

  • Rainy Conchal Beach Day

    Another long sleep. Breakfast of a couple Costa Rican tipico meals along with coffee and a short glass of cas juice. Morning cloud to shield us from the suns rays and we were off to the beach again. Repeating yesterdays exercise, we were not expecting much in the way of better photos since the greyness […]

  • Playa Conchal on a grey day

    We slept well. When booking this place, we did it directly through the Conchal Hotel site instead of through Booking or Expedia. With that direct booking we were able to secure a better price, breakfast included, and request a quiet room. Although there is an arterial road right out front, being at the back of […]

  • Off to Brasilito

    This morning was a slow start. 8AM we rolled out of bed with the aim to catch the 10 or 11AM bus. This was going to be a bit of an adventure trying to intercept the bus we wanted on the side of the highway. Lots of cushion from a time standpoint so no rush. […]

  • Last Day in Coco

    We slept late. 8AM this time. All this quietness and repetition is starting to sound like retirement. A breakfast of oatmeal and instant coffee while reading the morning news also sounds a lot like we are entering out sunset years sooner than we probably should. Add a seniors special dinner to our daily routine along […]